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Cool or creepy? AI Korean girl group Eternity debut with "I'm Real" music video

A group of  11 virtual idols called Eternity have dropped their debut music video for "I'm Real".
Cool or creepy? AI Korean girl group Eternity debut with "I'm Real" music video
Some of the AI members of Eternity (Photo from Koreaboo)

Virtual idols created by deepfake technology

Recently, there are numerous K-pop agencies have been exploring the concept of artificial intelligence or AI. However, Pulse9 is taking things to another level by launching a new girl group composed of AI members. 

The company was founded in 2016 by female CEO Jieun "Jenny" Park and also features other AI services and technologies. Because of that, they are known as an artificial intelligence brand rather than a music recording company.

They are calling this group "Eternity" and it has 11 members:  Minji, Seoa, Sujin, Dain, Yeoreum, Yejin, Jaein, Jiwoo, Hyejin, Sarang, and Chorong. Aside from unique facial features, Pulse9 claims that each member of Eternity has a different appeal and personality. 

Apart from releasing music videos, the company will launch Eternity as YouTubers, influencers, and brand models. One of the members of Eternity has already appeared in an advertisement for brokerage company Shinhan Investment Corp.

According to Pulse9, they did not base these K-pop idols on real people's faces so they are purely imaginary. All of them were designed with  Deep Real AI, a deep virtual imaging technology developed by Pulse9. Allegedly, their Deep Real AI technology is different from existing deepfake technology due to its realism, low costs, and short production times.
AI.DOL Challenge (Photo from Koreaboo)
AI.DOL Challenge (Photo from Koreaboo)

The agency also explained that the AI member's faces were deliberately chosen using this technology. They launched an AI.DOL CHALLENGE last year. Hundreds of synthetic idols were set against together through a voting process. 

Moreover, Pulse9 has uploaded many concept videos for this AI girl group. The agency is planning to form unit groups and release solo songs. A lot of netizens were intrigued with their debut music I'm Real but some are calling their movements creepy and unnatural.

Is this the future of K-pop? What do you think of this girl group?

What do you guys think? 

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