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MediaTek MT7921 WiFi 6 chipsets now in new ASUS gaming notebooks

The new ASUS ROG and TUF gaming notebooks are now using MediaTek's MT7921 WiFi 6 chipset. This tech will provide fast and reliable connections and more.
MediaTek MT7921 WiFi 6 chipsets now in new ASUS gaming notebooks
MediaTek MT7921 WiFi 6 chipse

MediaTek MT7921 WiFi 6 chipset for ASUS

The MediaTek MT7921 WiFi 6 chipset was announced to be featured in ASUS' latest ROG and TUF gaming notebooks. These are the first consumer notebooks to feature MediaTek's latest WiFi 6 connectivity solution.

The MT7921 chipset is designed to deliver high performance, power efficiency for longer battery life, and, of course, a fast and reliable WiFi connection. These are achieved through the MT7921's WiFi 6 solutions such as a higher throughput performance over 2 x 2 dual-band antennas, higher performance-to-power ratio through the 22nm process, and lower latency via hardware enhancements that provide better signal transmission to support long-range connections.

WiFi 6 delivers multi-gigabit, low latency Wi-Fi which points to it being the future of WiFi. It can provide more reliable connectivity experiences even when users are gaming, streaming, or video chatting across multiple devices.

The ASUS ROG and TUF series gaming notebooks powered by MediaTek’s WiFi 6 technology will be available in the market starting in March of 2021.

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