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New features for Xbox added, gets Auto HDR and FPS Boost toggles

Microsoft brings whole new features in an update for their Xbox lineup including FPS Boost toggles and Auto HDR for backward compatible games.
New features for Xbox added, gets Auto HDR and FPS Boost toggles
New features for Xbox added

New Xbox features!

In select backward compatible games, the FPS Boost will give a better gaming experience by providing a more stable framerate. This means that it will make the games look virtually smoother.

Through this feature, the CPU, GPU, and memory of Xbox Consoles will have its performance increased thus improving the original FPS of these titles.

The Auto HDR feature will use machine learning in order to bring a high dynamic range to games that originally do not support it.

These features will be exclusive to the Xbox Series X|S and it is also noted that it will be automatically activated on certain titles. According to Microsoft, to validate if the games are supported by the FPS Boost and Auto HDR. The user will have to press the Xbox button and check the indicators below the clock.
Wireless headset update
Wireless headset update

Microsoft also added an update included for the Xbox Accessories app in advance for the upcoming Xbox Wireless Headset.

Based on Microsoft's statement, the App will let its users fine-tune the audio controls for a personalized sound experience. This includes the equalizer, bass boost, auto-mute sensitivity, mic monitoring, and brightness of the mic's mute light.

Furthermore, the update for march brought back the achievements to the Xbox app and a new way of managing the Xbox subscriptions. Microsoft also mentions that in May they will sunset live TV listing for OneGuide for the Xbox One. This update will make it easier to managing games with new install options for bundles.

The update for March is currently on the roll now for the Xbox One, Xbox One X|S, and Windows 10 devices.

Source: XDA

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