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Gmail introduces integrated chat for Android, iOS and Chrome users!

Google is rolling out the ability to access Chat messages right from Gmail for iOS, Android, and Chrome users.
Gmail introduces integrated chat for Android, iOS and Chrome users!
Gmail logo (Photo from The Verge)

View your emails, instant messages, and others in one location

A year ago, Google announced its vision for having Gmail be the new "home for work" and G Suite. The search engine giant redesigned Gmail to incorporate Chat messaging and Rooms (for group chats) in the existing Meet video call feature to achieve this goal. 

The new function is already working for enterprise Workspace users. But now, Google is now introducing integrated chat for all personal Gmail accounts. With the new integrated workspace, users can manage everything on one page. It simply eliminates or lessens the need to switch between tabs.
The interface of Gmail including Chat and Rooms
The interface of Gmail including Chat and Rooms

As of now, Gmail is composed of four primary sections: Mail, Meet, Chat, and Rooms. We are already familiar with Mail and Meet since they have been present for quite a time. Chat is where you can send a message to individuals and small groups. Meanwhile, Rooms is said to be similar to Slack since this is designed for larger conversations shared chat, files, and tasks.

How to enable integrated chat in Gmail?

To activate the integrated chat feature in Gmail using an Android or iOS device, find 'Settings'. Once you found settings at the bottom of the navigation drawer, tap your personal Gmail account. The next step is to go to 'General' then tick Chat (Show the Chat and Rooms Tab). 

A prompt box will appear with the title 'Welcome to Chat in Gmail". Click 'OK' then Google will update your Gmail in an instant. For web users, go to the settings of your Gmail then select Google Chat instead of Classic Hangouts.

Google notes that you must update your Gmail to the latest version before getting started with the integrated workspace. It also warns users that they might experience bugs and other issues as the search giant is still in the process of refining it.

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