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Nokia reveals 110 4G and 105 4G, feature phones that has LTE connectivity

Nokia has unveiled two feature phones with LTE connectivity namely Nokia 110 4G and 105 4G.
Front part
The front part of the handset

Feature phones with LTE connectivity!

Both of them were the successors to the Nokia 110 and 105 that appeared 2 years ago but without the 4G capabilities. These phones are tiny yet capable of doing basic tasks such as calls and music playback.

The new phones received a new design, even though they may look nearly identical, except the 110 4G has a sleeker keypad whereas the 105 4G's keypad has the modern classic looks. At the back, you'll see the Nokia logo at the center and its camera located at the top of the logo. While on the top side of the phone, you'd find the built-in LED flashlight.
Back part
Back part

Both of the phones have a 1.8-inch display with a resolution of 160x120. They are powered by a UNISOC T107 chip which is then paired with 128MB of RAM. It has a MicroSD slot the supports up to 32GB.

For the battery, they have 1020 mAh, which the company claims to provide up to 5 hours of continuous calls and days of standby. It can be charged with the included charger using a micro-USB cable.

Another difference between the two phones is the availability of a rear camera on the Nokia 110 4G, whilst the Nokia 105 4G does not. It was chosen not to voice the camera's features for some reason.

Other features include 3.5mm audio, LED flashlight so you can use them in emergency situations or others. Since they are equipped with LTE, they are capable of doing high-quality calls via VoLTE. Both models have single and dual-SIM variants to choose from.
LED flashlight at the top
LED flashlight at the top

The Nokia 105 4G comes in three color choices of Black, Red, and Blue, while the Nokia 110 4G comes in three colors as well of Black, Blue, and Yellow. 

The pricing and availability of the two new feature phones are yet to be determined so stay tuned with us to get updated once new information surfaces on the web.

Source: Nokia 1, 2, Via: GizChina

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