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Meet OPPO Enco X - Impressive sound quality + ANC under PHP 7K

OPPO launched its latest premium True Wireless Earphones last April with a competitive price tag and specs.
Meet OPPO Enco X - Impressive sound quality + ANC under PHP 7K
Meet the OPPO Enco X

In case you missed it, OPPO Enco X is the first premium wireless noise-canceling earphones of the company co-created with Dynaudio. It features a stemmed design, and soft in-ear tips, IP54 dust, and water resistance, Coaxial Dual-Driver Design with an 11mm dynamic driver + 6mm balanced membrane driver on each bud, 44mAh battery each bud, and a charging case with a 535mAh battery, and Qi Wireless Charging support.

Apart from these key selling points, let's dive a little more to see what OPPO Enco X really offers. Read on!

Meet OPPO Enco X 

What's inside?
What's inside?

The OPPO Enco X arrives in a premium, glossy white box with the "OPPO | DYNAUDIO" logo printed on the upper left and the product's render in the middle front. As soon as I opened it, I was greeted with another box this time in matte black with an embossed, interchanging color X printed in front.

Inside are the following: OPPO Enco X earbuds, charging case, two extra silicone ear tips in S and L sizes, USB-A to USB-C cable, and paper documents. The whole package alone will make you feel that the Enco X is a premium TWS earphone.
Beautiful box!
Beautiful box!

From OPPO Enco Air, and OPPO Enco Buds, I've been receiving the White variant and the same goes for the unit they loaned to us this time for OPPO Enco X. (not complaining though since I prefer white haha) 

The charging case is made of a glossy plastic material with silver chrome panting detail around its edges. It features an 'egg' type design with a reminder that it's co-created with Dynaudio printed on its hinge. It is supplemented with a USB-C port found at the bottom, LED notification light in the front flap, and a function button placed on its right side. 
Charging case's LED light indicator
The charging case's LED light indicator
USB-C charging slot
USB-C charging slot
Pairing button
Pairing button

I liked the pleasant click it gives me when closing the lid and I believe it's a manifestation that the mechanism works great. 

As for the earbuds, they're made from the same materials as the case. The touch area is located on the outside of the buds. Overall, the earbuds feature a glossy design except for the matte finish of the silicone ear tips.

If you're wondering, the earbuds look elegant in person, and in my opinion, they look good in general.
Made with Dynaudio
Made with Dynaudio

Notably, the charging case supports both wireless charging and reverse charging. Theoretically, the earbuds with the charging case have 25 hours of playback time. It varies also if the ANC is on or off, according to OPPO. 

In our experience, OPPO Enco X was able to last up to 22 hours with on and off ANC depending on my preference and I think that's a great result! 

Before I forget, charging takes about two hours from flat to full using the charging cable. 
OPPO branding
OPPO branding

Connecting the Enco X to an OPPO smartphone is as easy as pop-up open the charging case, tap connect, and voila—it's that simple! However, if you're going to use this in a non-OPPO smartphone or device, you can connect it by opening the Bluetooth, open the lid, and look for the OPPO Enco X on the list of devices to pair. 

Non-OPPO users can also customize the earphones by downloading the HeyMelody app on Google Play Store. Note that this is not available on iOS devices, but the latter users can still enjoy the OPPO Enco X with its default touch functions. 


1. Double tap - skip to the next song or answer/end calls
2. Press for 1s - toggle noise cancellation mode
3. Slide finger up or down - turn the volume up or down

As soon as I inserted the earbuds on my ears, I was pleasantly surprised by the isolation it provided me. There are three types of ANC in OPPO Enco X: full, medium, and ambient. The latter can be perfect for someone who likes their earbuds on while talking to someone.
OPPO Enco X earbuds
OPPO Enco X earbuds

There is a small drawback with regards to its ANC. I noticed that when it's turned on, it quietly muffles the background noise.

It would be nice to note that the OPPO Enco X earbuds sit comfortably in my ears despite the ear cups that I usually don't like.

Amazing sound quality!

Personally, OPPO Enco X's sound quality is its strength. This can be attributed to the combination of two drivers namely dynamic 11mm and diaphragm 6mm. In turn, the earbuds supplied us with high frequencies without suppressing mid and low frequencies. 
OPPO Enco X's touch area
OPPO Enco X's touch area

The sound it produces is distinguished. OPPO Enco X gave a superior sound quality, detailed in every tonal range, deep lows, crisp highs, and transparent mids. The instrumental elements are also clearly present in every music and that's something to boast about at this price range.

In terms of microphone quality, the earbuds suppress the unwanted noise so you'll be able to enjoy the voice of the person on the other line. Notably, there are three microphones: the first one is responsible for transmitting the user's voice during calls, meanwhile, the other two are for ANC.
Silver chrome painting
Silver chrome painting

As for the connectivity, OPPO Enco X is packed with Bluetooth 5.2. It also supports Binaural Low-Latency Bluetooth when used with OPPO smartphones. I wish there'll be an update for it to support non-OPPO devices as well.

Although OPPO Enco X connects to any Android and iOS devices without any issues.

OPPO Enco X Specs

Drivers: 11mm dynamic driver + 6mm balanced membrane driver
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz, LHDC/AAC/SBC
Microphone: 104dB@1Khz
Battery: 535mAh (charging case), 44mAh (earbuds)
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.2 (up to 10m range), binaural low-latency Bluetooth supported
Noise cancellation: Full, medium, ambient, off
Others: IP54 dust and water resistance, touch controls, USB-C, wireless charging, reverse charging, Colors: White, Black
Weight: 52.5 g (entire device), 4.8 g (each earbud), 42.5 g (charging case)
Price: PHP 6,999

Quick thoughts

Classy white box
Classy white box

OPPO Enco X is indeed the latest premium True Wireless Earphones providing superior sound quality with ANC.

For under PHP 7K, it also offers high-grade features of wireless + reverse charging, coaxial dual-driver design, and stellar battery life.

There may be little drawbacks, but OPPO Enco X may be the best substitute for higher-priced TWS earbuds with the same features.

What do you think guys?

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