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iPhone 13 Pro Max lasts up to almost 10 hours in a battery test!

10 days after its global launch, iPhone 13 Pro Max recently undergone a battery test done my Mrwhosetheboss on YouTube.
iPhone 13 Pro Max lasts up to almost 10 hours in a battery test!
iPhone 13 Pro Max in Sierra Blue!

Longer battery life than iPhone 12 Pro Max!

Similar with the battery tests we're doing on our smartphone reviews, note that this test might not perfectly reflect real-world usage because in depends on usage.

In this battery test, Arun Maini tested the iPhone 13 Pro Max along with six other iPhones including the iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, and iPhone SE (2020).

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max topped all of the iPhones by garnering an impressive 9 hours and 52 minutes of battery life with continuous usage. YouTube's Mrwhosetheboss said that this is the longest battery life of any iPhone he has ever tested. Note the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max is packed with 4,352mAh of battery. 
The Apple iPhone 13 Pro series
The Apple iPhone 13 Pro series

Maini said that all of the iPhones have 100 percent battery health and were set to equal brightness and each was subjected to the same usage.

Apple iPhones battery test results:

iPhone 13 Pro Max: 9 hours and 52 minutes
iPhone 13 Pro: 8 hours and 17 minutes
iPhone 13: 7 hours and 45 minutes
iPhone 13 mini: 6 hours and 26 minutes
iPhone 12: 5 hours and 54 minutes
iPhone 11: 4 hours and 20 minutes
iPhone SE (2020): 3 hours and 38 minutes

We're surprised to see the result of the iPhone SE (2020). You may view the full battery test video at this link.

Apple was right when they said that the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the iPhone with the longest battery life. To recap, Apple iPhone 13 series is powered by the new A15 Bionic chip. These new iPhones also have bigger storage capacity as well as Ceramic Shield protection on its screens.

Notably, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max feature a new ProMotion display with an adaptive refresh rate that can drop as low as 10Hz or ramp up to 120Hz depending on the content displayed on the screen.

We're yet to receive the availability of the new iPhones in the Philippines. Who's excited?

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