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IDC: Dell hailed as the top PC Monitor Brand worldwide in Q2 2021

Dell posted the highest monitor shipments in the second quarter this year, while Lenovo had the highest growth according to IDC.
IDC: Dell hailed as the top PC Monitor Brand worldwide in Q2 2021
File photo: Dell gaming monitor

PC monitor sales grew higher due to home users

International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker reported that PC monitor shipments continue to show a steady increase since the pandemic had impacted this market. 

According to the research firm, the demand has been stronger than ever this year. The total worldwide shipments reached more than 35M units in Q2 2021. It has an 11.2 percent increase as compared to the same quarter in 2020. 

But then, IDC observed that supply was constrained by several challenges affected the whole electronics industry, including the PC monitor production. Display panels components such as ICs became had a limited supply while the logistic costs also went up. 

Commercial shipments became weaker compared with last year's performance. However, the demand from home users went up, especially for gaming monitors. Based on IDC's report, low-tier vendors below the top 5 companies got the most benefits from this situation.  These brands captured almost 36 percent of the market share while their previous share was 32.2 percent from a year ago.

As seen on the table, Dell Technologies remained on top for this period with global monitor shipments of more than 7,549,000 million units. Meanwhile, Lenovo followed with 4,164,000 units sold and it experienced notable growth, almost double compared to last year.

Experts from IDC foresees that monitor component pricing will stabilize as the demand decreases and component shortages ease out in the second half of this year. For shipments, they predicted that they will reach more than 147M units. 

However, they anticipate that volumes will go down in the years to come but they will stabilize by 2025. Research Manager for IDC’s Worldwide Quarterly PC Monitor Tracker Jay Chou said,

The second quarter capped five consecutive quarters of positive year-on-year growth, four quarters of which were growth in the double digits. Such momentum has never been seen in the history of our monitor coverage.

Source: IDC

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