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Globe: We almost doubled our cell tower builds in 2021, "expect better connectivity"

Globe Telecom exceeded its cell site builds in the first nine months of 2021, further decongesting traffic in its existing towers.
"Expect better connectivity": Globe almost doubles cell tower builds in 2021
Globe deploying more cell sites across PH

Globe building more cell sites

In a statement, the telco said it has fired up 1,080 new towers from January to June of this year, 82 percent higher than the 593 in the same period last year.

Globe: We almost doubled our cell tower builds in 2021, "expect better connectivity"

Joel Agustin, Globe senior vice president for Program Delivery, Network Technical Group, said with the group's sustained investments in its infrastructure, subscribers can expect to enjoy quality telco services.

The installation of new cell towers will greatly decongest traffic in our existing towers. By building more cell sites, while modernizing the existing ones to 4G LTE, we will ensure to meet the demand for better and accessible connectivity for our customers in more parts of the country, Agustin said.

According to Agustin, most of the new cell towers built are located in Metro Manila with 340, while North Luzon has 230.

At least a hundred or more new cell towers were also installed in South Visayas and Mindanao.

We are very optimistic in sustaining the momentum because more cell towers simply mean better call, text, and data browsing experience for our customers, Augustin added.

Globe also noted that it completed 73 in-building solutions or IBS from January to September this year. In-Building Solution is essential to provide quality indoor coverage to customers. With IBS, customers will have better mobile signals using desktops, laptops, and mobile phones indoors.

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