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NTC urged to "intervene" in MNP issues

An infrastructure think tank is urging the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) to "intervene" in the delays facing the full implementation of the mobile number portability.
NTC urged to "intervene" in MNP issues
MNP faces rollout issues 

Infrawatch PH criticizes MNP delays

Terry Ridon, Infrawatch PH convenor and former House Information and Communications Technology member, said that while they welcomed the clarification of telcos that they are experiencing birth pains, the group still insists that the regulator should ensure the smooth process of MNP.

Ridon stressed the NTC should be firm that telco players "cannot impose roadblocks to frustrate the objectives of the MNP."

It is our position that system glitches and bugs should have been identified and resolved prior to commercial launch, because a sufficient length of time has been granted to various telcos to prepare for the MNP’s commercial launch. With the coronavirus continuing to be an everyday risk for all, porting out of their networks should not be more than a one-day affair, Ridon said in a statement.

Telcos that still require customers to visit their stores because their MNP protocols fail to go live are a failure, Ridon said.

Ridon even claimed that telcos impose "internal process roadblocks" to discourage existing subscribers from shifting to other network providers.

We have received reports that several customers who ported out of Globe had been unable to use the full functionality of their virtual wallets such as topping up their mobile load and receiving One-Time PIN notifications, Ridon said.

The group said the NTC should immediately act before the number of customer complaints escalates further.

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