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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 reaches end-of-life cycle—to not receive security patches anymore

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will finally be put to rest as the company announced that it will no longer receive Android security updates beyond August.
File Photo: Meet Samsung Galaxy Note 8, The Best In The World Again?

Goodbye Samsung Galaxy Note 8!

Samsung has officially removed the Galaxy Note 8 from its Android security updates page. This means that it will no longer be any software updates beyond the August 2021 security patch. This has been a long time coming after the Galaxy Note 8 moved from monthly updates to quarterly patches. The Galaxy Note 8 was able to go as far as Android 9 Pie back in February 2018.

Overall, Samsung supported the Galaxy Note 8 for over 4 years since its launch in 2017. That is very impressive especially when you compare it to Google's three-year update support for its Pixel phones. The Galaxy Note 8 was kind of a redemption device for Samsung because of the exploding Note 7 debacle a year earlier.

Furthermore, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A from 2017 was also eliminated from the list along with the Galaxy Note 8.

Did you have a Samsung Galaxy Note 8?

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