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Canalys: vivo is number 4 in global smartphone shipments report (Q3 2021)

vivo tied with OPPO as the 4th ranked brand in terms of Q3 2021 global smartphone shipments according to Canalys amid the current shortages.
vivo takes fourth place in Canalys' global smartphone shipments report for Q3 2021
vivo is now in 4th place for Canalys Global Smartphone Shipment Report Q3 2021

Canalys: vivo is tied in 4th place for global smartphone shipment share for Q3 2021

Here are the rest of the rankings
Here are the rest of the rankings

As a recap, Canalys regarded the component shortage as the "chipset famine". Despite the manufacturers' best efforts to maximize available components, shortages are expected to persist well into 2022. Due to this, smartphones are projected to increase in price in the future.

In terms of YoY numbers for smartphone shipments for Q3 2021, vivo was able to retain a 9 percent market share from Q3 2020. It is good enough to net the company fourth place in the rankings, tied with OPPO. Above it is Xiaomi with 14 percent market share at third, Apple with 15 percent market share at second, and Samsung with 23 percent at the first place.

vivo stated that it was able to achieve this due to its efforts to expand to more markets and accelerate its globalization. vivo already branched out its network across 50 countries and regions.

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