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A woman who swallowed AirPods instead of pill recorded her stomach sound!

A woman residing in the US accidentally swallowed one of her AirPods, which she thought was a pain reliever by mistake.
A woman who swallowed AirPods instead of pill recorded her stomach sound!
File photo: Apple AirPods Pro

The AirPod was still connected to her iPhone even inside her stomach

Carli Bellmer took this incident on TikTok and shared how she mistook one of the earbuds for ibuprofen and swallowed it. She said her intention for sharing this experience is "for educational purpose.

The woman with iamcarliiib username and 3,200 followers on TikTok explained how it happened. She said that she's already crawling into bed and had an Ibuprofen 800 in her right hand while holding her AirPod in the other hand.

Bellmer, a podcaster and licensed esthetician from Boston, said she then mindlessly popped what she thought was the anti-inflammatory pill in her mouth and quickly flushed it down with a swig of water.

Describing in the video that she accidentally swallowed the headphones while crying, the young woman said, "I'm losing my mind,". She also said that that she tried to vomit, but could not remove it despite her efforts.

The AirPods Carli Bellmer swallowed while calling a friend with her iPhone were still attached to her phone. Realizing this later, Bellmer had to make her friend listen to the rumbling sound from her stomach. Consequently, a voice memo she sent a friend included gurgling sounds.

The TikTok sensation was able to remove the AirPods she swallowed by defecating. With the X-ray she took, she finally confirmed that the headphones were no longer in her stomach.

Carli Bellmer’s claim of her unfortunate experience involving an Apple product was met with some skeptics of course. A netizen commented that mixing up an Ibuprofen from an AirPod is totally suspicious. 

Meanwhile, there were others who expressed their sympathy, saying that the pill was huge so they sort of resemble an AirPod if one is distracted.

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