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Xiaomi announces "Loop LiquidCool Technology" for smartphones

Xiaomi just introduced its new thermal management for smartphones called the Loop LiquidCool Technology. It is touted as 2x better than past tech.
Xiaomi announces Loop LiquidCool Technology for smartphones
Xiaomi is introducing the Loop LiquidCool Technology

Xiaomi Loop LiquidCool Technology is now official

Here's the One-way self-sustaining system
Here's the one-way flow self-sustaining system

The new Loop LiquidCool Technology promises 2x the performance of the existing vapor chamber solutions. Xiaomi says that this tech is inspired by cooling solutions used in the aerospace industry.

The technology uses an effect that draws liquid cooling agents to the heat source, vaporizes, and then transfers the heat to cooler areas. This will happen until the agent condenses and is captured via a unidirectional closed-looped channel. That's the gist at least.

The system will be consisting of an annular heat pipe system that is composed of an evaporator, a condenser, a refill chamber, gas pipes, and liquid pipes. The gas and airflow will then be diffused to a condenser where the gas turns into liquid again. This will, in turn, create a self-sustaining system.

Although it shares similarities to Vapor Chamber liquid cooling, this method uses a different ring-shaped pump that has a special gas pipe design. This greatly reduces air passage resistance by 30 percent for a more efficient steam flow making the maximum heat transfer capacity increase by up to 100 percent. It also uses a Tesla valve structure to ensure one-way high-efficiency circulation.

During a demo using a custom Xiaomi MIX 4, it was able to maintain the device at a max temp of 47.7 degrees Celsius after a 30-minute Genshin Impact gameplay session at 60fps Max settings.

Xiaomi plans to introduce the Loop LiquidCool Technology in consumer smartphones by the second half of 2022.

Source: Xiaomi

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