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Globe to migrate all its broadband customers to fiber in 2022

Globe at Home recently announced that the company is expected to migrate all its broadband users to fiber technology in 2022.
End of DSL era next year

All fiber in 2022!

The local telco giant notes that as of October, migration has jumped by more than 250 percent exceeding its 2021 target. This year, the company aims to install at least 1.4 million FTTH lines. Globe has been doing this migration from DSL and LTE to fiber for FREE for over a year now.

Under Globe at Home's fiber technology, its users can enjoy a max speed of 1 Gbps. The company said that this means that its use will be able to enjoy super-fast internet speeds for seamless HD video calls during work meetings or virtual classes, or even lag-free gaming, through faster upload and download speeds as well as more family members to connect to the home internet.

By 2022, all of our customers will be able to enjoy fast fiber technology capable of handling the present and future needs of the household. We will continue to guide them for an easy and smooth transition, said Barbie Dapul, Globe At Home Vice President for Marketing.

The latest internal survey conducted by the company also shared that customers who shifted from shows that its customer satisfaction increased by 45 points.

To recap, Globe's Unli FIBER Up plans that come with Globe Fiber, subscriptions as low as 1499 can have FREE access to KonsultaMD, a 24/7 consultation service with licensed doctors.

Globe also notes that those with Plans 1699 and above are entitled to FREE three-month access to VIU, HBO Go, Amazon Prime Video, Upstream, and WeTV on top of their FREE KonsultaMD. They also get a FREE landline and UNLI calls to Globe.

For more info about Globe's Fiber plans, read here.

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