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DOH: Fully-vaccinated individuals must generate new VaxCertPH due to updates!

The Department of Health said that you need to get a new VaxCertPH if you get yours before February 7.
DOH: Fully-vaccinated individuals must generate new VaxCertPH due to updates!
2 ways of getting a new VaxCertPH

Why do you need to get a new one?

In a Facebook post, the DOH announced that the government is implementing new features on VaxCertPH. Because of that, Filipinos who had completed their vaccine must get a new version. The advisory reads,

All citizens who generated their certificates before February 7, 2022, are urged to request the new version of VaxCertPH in the portal since the QR code of previously generated certificates will become outdated and unreadable. 

To recall, VaxCertPH is the digital COVID-19 vaccination certificate of the Philippines that can be used in place of physical vaccine cards as proof of immunization. According to a report, 59.8 million Filipinos have completed their COVID-19 vaccine doses as of Feb. 4.

With VaxCertPH, you can prove your status as an individual with full vaccination against COVID-19. This is especially important when traveling abroad, coupled with the International Certification of Vaccination (ICV) that works as a vaccine passport for international and domestic travels.

DOH noted that fully vaccinated individuals can get their VaxCertPH from the government portal. They can also request the digital document from their local government unit 48 hours after their full vaccination.

On the other hand, the Department of the Interior and Local Government issued a reminder that the VaxCert vaccination verification service is already up and free for use. Initially, the service is intended for overseas travelers. He added,

They're issuing hard copies of the vaccination cards, but once this is already mainstreamed and there will be no backlogs, the government will just recognize one.

However, Malaya said that there's no definite timeline for the full launch of the app. The government official explained that the system is ready, but the problem now lies in the backlogs and rectification. In the meantime, authorities are still accepting the VaxCert digital certificate or the local vaccination card.

To get your new VaxCertPH, you can proceed to the DOH's portal.

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