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#ICYMI: Canalys reports that realme ranks #1 in the Philippines smartphone market for 2021

In case you missed it, realme topped the smartphone market in PH for 2021 according to Canalys. Stats show that it has a 19 percent YoY growth.
File photo: realme 9 Pro

realme is the #1 smartphone brand in the Philippines says Canalys

Top smartphone vendors in the Philippines, Q4 2021
Top smartphone vendors in the Philippines, Q4 2021

With an annual growth rate of 8 percent, realme gained 20 percent of the market share in Q4 2021. Vivo is ranked second with an 18 percent market share and a -27 percent annual growth rate, followed by Transsion which handles Infinix, TECNO, itel with 14 percent market share and a tremendous +288 percent annual growth rate. OPPO is ranked fourth at 14 percent with a -47 percent growth rate, followed by Samsung at 13 percent with a 26 percent yearly growth rate.

Based on sell-in shipments, realme also led the other three quarters of the year, making it the top mobile brand in the Philippines for the whole year of 2021. For the entire year, realme has a staggering 23 percent unit share and a YoY growth rate is 19 percent.
Top smartphone vendors in the Philippines, 2021
Top smartphone vendors in the Philippines, 2021

With 16 percent of the pie, vivo is ranked second. With 15 percent, OPPO is ranked third, followed by Samsung with 13 percent, and Xiaomi with 11 percent. For the full year of 2021, only Xiaomi and realme showed positive yearly growth.

OnePlus is not included in OPPO's figures, according to Canalys.

This report also reflects IDC's report where realme also came out on top in terms of market share for Q4 2021 in the Philippines.

Again, realme's success may be attributed to its extensive offline and online presence, as well as its excellent marketing efforts and cost-effective products.

Remeber, realme did this being just a 3-year-old brand. Impressive in our books!

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