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Redmi AirDots 3 Pro Genshin Impact Special Edition unveiled in China

After introducing several new Redmi devices, Xiaomi's sub-brand also revealed AirDots 3 Pro Genshin Impact Edition.
Redmi AirDots 3 Pro Genshin Impact Special Edition

The earbuds' casing is a cute replica of Klee's backpack

The new TWS is the product of a collaboration between Redmi and gaming franchise Genshin Impact. 

The theme of these special edition buds came from the game's renowned character "Klee". Redmi did not only customize the packaging but also the design, and even the sound effects.

The earbuds feature a red and gold colorway, as well as the four-leaf clover on Klee's hat and dress. Both the gadget and the retail box showcase a bright red color.
The special edition also comes with Genshin Impact-themed accessories
The special edition also comes with Genshin Impact-themed accessories

In the accessories, there are also a collection of doodle stories and a small backpack of the same style as Klee. Apparently, the case is a tiny version of the backpack. But instead of carrying it on your back, you can carry it with you via a strap.

Xiaomi noted that the specifications of this special edition are the same as the Redmi AirDots 3 Pro standard version. It still comes with audio capabilities such as 35dB noise reduction, 69ms low latency for games, dual-device connection. 

The buds are equipped with feed-forward and feed-back microphones are used to effectively eliminate external ambient noise and reduce excess noise in the ear canal. 

Meanwhile,  AirDots 3 Pro Genshin Impact Special Edition support an intelligent AI algorithm for its Adaptive Noise Reduction. Basically, it can automatically adjust the noise reduction depth based on the surrounding acoustic environment.

There's also an adaptive chat mode that can automatically switch to chat mode when speaking, making communication easier. On the other hand, transparency mode allows users to listen to the surrounding environment without taking off the buds.

Moreover, the vocal enhancement mode is designed for clearer voices when having conversations with someone. Xiaomi also noted that the AirDots 3 Pro Genshin Impact Special Edition will enter gaming mode when paired with any Redmi phone.

The company claims that the total battery life of the earphones including the case is up to 28 hours. It also supports fast charging while the charging box supports standard Qi wireless charging.

China price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Redmi AirDots 3 Pro Genshin Impact Special Edition - CNY 399 (or around PHP 3.2K)

Unfortunately, the new Redmi AirDots 3 Pro Genshin Impact Special Edition is available only in China for pre-order. The earbuds are expected to ship at the end of March for those who have pre-ordered.

There's no announcement yet from Xiaomi if this special edition accessory will be released in other countries soon. 

Source: Gizmochina
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