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SKY Fiber announces improved "Super Speed" plans and time limited waived installation fee

SKY Fiber just announced its improved Super Speed Plans today with speeds up to 200 Mbps and time-limited waived installation fees.
SKY Fiber announces improved "Super Speed" plans and time limited waived installation fee
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New promos offered by SKY Fiber!

The head of Consumer Broadband, Alan Suptnet said that the internet provider aims to provide the "sweet spot" for their Filipino consumer based on price to speed ratio.

In these challenging times, it is always a struggle to find the right home internet service provider that understands your basic needs as a customer. The issue stems from the difficult balancing act between product and price, said by Alan Suptnet

Now subscribers will no longer have to choose between expensive high-speed plans and unreliable low-cost plans as the latest promo has faster speed at more affordable prices.

The promo starts at 50 Mbps priced at PHP 1699/month, followed by 100 Mbps at PHP 2,299/month, 150 Mbps at PHP 2799/month. These speeds are recommended to a family consisting of 3-4 members doing online classes, working from home, or streaming content.

There's also an improved Unli Broadband + HD Cable TV plan with speeds up to 80 Mbps priced at PHP 2,499/month and 150 Mbps at PHP 2,999/month which both come with more channels. It comes with SKY Evo Digibox that allows users to a variety of content Via SKY cable channels and popular streaming platforms like HBO GO, iWantTFC, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and Spotify.

Additionally, the internet provider also enhanced the speeds of selected plans by 50 percent for free but only until April 30. As an example, those who are subscribed to 50 Mbps offerings will experience 75 Mbps for free until the last day of April.

All SKY Fiber Super Speed Plans include free WiFi Mesh devices to improve WiFi coverage and provide better value for money. The quantity of WiFi Mesh units offered in each package varies. 

By using Mesh routers WiFi will be more accessible to households with thicker walls or doors making it more convenient for consumers.

Still, the Telco maintains its affordable plans such as the 20 Mbps for 999 per month and its highest offering of 200 Mbps at 3,499 per month. Meanwhile, for those who have a tighter budget, they also introduced basic packages of 30 Mbps Unli Broadband Plan for PHP 1,299 and 40 Mbps Unli Broadband + HD Cable TV Plan for PHP 1,699 per month.

Full list of Fibr plans from Sky:


20Mbps - PHP 999/month
30Mbps - PHP 1,299/month
50Mbps - PHP 1,699/month
100Mbps - PHP 2,299/month
150Mbps - PHP 2,799/month
200Mbps - PHP 3,499/month

Internet + HD Cable TV

40Mbps + HD Cable TV - PHP 1,699/month
80Mbps + HD Cable TV - 2,499/month
150Mbps + HD Cable TV - 2,999/month

You may subscribe to these plans at this link, Sky also mentioned that installation fees until April 30 are waived as a treat for early subscribers.

What do you guys think?

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