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Xbox Cloud Gaming gets improved performance on iPhones and iPads

Microsoft announced major improvements to its Xbox Cloud Gaming service on the iPhone and iPad.
Xbox Cloud Gaming gets improved performance on iPhones and iPads
Optimized video output and responsiveness on iOS devices

For a smoother and more responsive gameplay experience

Released in June last year, the cloud game streaming service is accessible from the Safari web browser.

However, there are comments that the browser version is not feature-packed like a standalone app. To compensate for that, it seems that the company made an effort for users to have a better experience with Apple devices.

Microsoft said that the service now has an optimized video output on iOS devices and optimized network data transmission to speed up the responsiveness. Product Manager Nicole Hilbert said,

You asked for a better iOS experience, and as a result, we have brought major performance improvements to all supported iPhone and iPad devices. With these updates, you should have a smoother and more responsive gameplay experience.

Allegedly, these enhancements should also reduce input latency overall, or the delay between moving a thumbstick or pressing a button and that action appearing on-screen. A year ago, Microsoft moved to 1080p and 60fps streams for Xbox Cloud Gaming. However, it still lacks support for 4K streaming like its other competitors.

The company reported that its efforts received a significant increase in positive player feedback since implementing these changes. Aside from that, the engagement boosted to 35 percent longer playtimes.

According to the source, Microsoft is working on a dedicated Xbox app for TVs that will allow Xbox players to stream games without a console. It also said that there will be standalone streaming devices that be plugged into a TV or monitor in the future.

We're still not sure if these details are true so let's wait for the company's further announcement.

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