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Netflix considers new more affordable plans with ads

Will you be interested in lower-priced Netflix subscription plans knowing that there will be ads? Well, the streaming service is looking into it.
Will you subscribe with ads?

Netflix plans with ads are being considered for lowered price

This revelation came during the Netflix Q1 2022 Earnings Interview video with its investors. CEO and co-founder of Netflix, Reed Hastings, stated that the company has been against putting ads in subscription plans for years. Now,  Netflix is now open to the idea of being a big advocate of consumer choice and providing lower-priced subscription plans to promote inclusion.

Hastings admitted that this will not be an easy fix. This will take time and research as integrating affordable subscriptions with ads will be very different from the current premium plans that exist. It is worth noting that its competitors such as Hulu, HBO, and Disney all have plans with ads.

Netflix stated that this process will be gradual with the new affordable plans being phased in over a couple of years.

What do you guys think?

Source: Netflix

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