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Samsung Galaxy S22 sales reportedly tanking amid GOS scandal

According to the report by The Korea Times, the GOS scandal has negatively affected the Samsung Galaxy S22 sales in South Korea.
File photo: Samsung releases Galaxy S22 series, starts at PHP 45,990!

Samsung Galaxy S22 sales suffer amid GOS scandal in South Korea

In addition, to keep sales from plummeting, Samsung's carrier partners have had to considerably increase subsidies. With chosen plans over KRW 90,000 for KT and KRW 85,000 for LG, KT and LG Uplus are now giving KRW 450,000 in subsidy for the Galaxy S21 and KRW 500,000 for the Galaxy S22+. Since last month, the Galaxy S22 Ultra has been receiving KRW 500,00 in subsidies.

To put things in perspective, the initial level of subsidies was KRW 150,000, or about a third of what it is now. Samsung and the carriers came to an agreement on the shift in subsidies. This drop in sales is allegedly due to Samsung's Galaxy Optimizations Service scandal regarding throttling performance for games and apps.

To reiterate, Samsung's Game Optimizations Service comes pre-installed on certain previous flagship devices as well as the current Galaxy S smartphones and tablets. The service was supposed to fine-tune system performance during gaming to save battery life, but it was eventually discovered to throttle up to 10,000 different apps.

Samsung's mobile device division is expected to have an operating profit of KRW 4 trillion in Q1, up KRW 1.3 trillion from the previous three months of 2021, according to an analyst at Eugene Investment & Securities.

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