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Ubisoft announces "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mobile"

Ubisoft announced earlier today that Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six franchise is going to have a mobile port with a tactical FPS theme.
Ubisoft announces "Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Mobile
The game's banner

Rainbow Six Mobile announced!

The dev team behind the mobile port's production is based in Montreal which also shares the same office as the Siege team said that their team comprises multiple veterans from both the AAA console and mobile gaming and is going to be an independent group made to develop the Rainbow Six Mobile.

Ubisoft added that this game is going to bring a 5 vs 5 tactical FPS theme similar to Counter-Strike or CODM's multiplayer mode. There will be two teams here which are called Attackers and Defenders. However, the core gameplay, characters, and maps will share similarities to the console version but are specially designed for portable use. This also includes an extensive optimization of the user interface and in-game visual presentation.

You may watch the announcement trailer below:

The publishers also mentioned that they made the mobile port that way so that the Siege fans will not switch from PC or Console to Mobile. However, their objective is to bring the AAA title's feel to the fans who are on the go.

Lastly, the developers have been working on the Six Siege mobile for 3 years already and are going to announce an alpha test in the upcoming weeks. This means that the fans may not need to wait very long before getting their hands on it.

There's also a pre-registration link provided for those who are interested in trying the game first and providing feedback to Ubisoft.

What do you guys think?

Source: Ubisoft

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