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LG: Our multi-split HVAC solution is "perfect" for residential homes

For those who are looking to have a multi-split HVAC solution for your dream home, LG Philippines is claiming that they have what you exactly need.
LG: Our multi-split HVAC solution is "perfect" for residential homes
LG multi-split HVAC solution

The perfect multi-split HVAC solution for your home?

According to the company, apart from its energy-efficient technology, the multi-split heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solution (HVAC) also offers less noise, space savings, and fuss-free maintenance.
Neat and clutter-free design?
Neat and clutter-free design?

LG claims that one of the biggest benefits of using is that it saves valuable space as you won't need a dedicated outdoor unit for each one. All you need is one unit and it won't interfere with the aesthetic of your home.

This is thanks to its flexible form factor that can nearly fit into any space without cumbersome ducts or extensive piping. It also makes this design ideal for retrofit installations.

Moreover, the multi-split for residential installations reduces noise emissions for a more peaceful and quieter environment, unlike regular ACs. LG achieved this by using its shaft-through hybrid scroll structure with bottom compression. Its R1 Compressor is also a new concept of scroll compressor that combines high-efficiency, low sound levels of the scroll, and the simple structure of the rotary compressor.

In addition, this tech is could be monitored or controlled via the LG ThinQ even if you are away from home.

LG is also boasting that its multi-split HVAC solution's design makes maintenance service even more convenient for service technicians for reduced service time and accurate diagnosis of problems.

Homeowners know what they need for their ideal home and LG understands what customers require to meet those needs. The LG Multi Split provides customers with the optimal residential HVAC solution for ideal home comfort while making life more convenient for homeowners, designers, and HVAC engineers, said LG Philippines Managing Director Sungjae Kim

For now, we do not have an idea of how much it will cost as LG will likely need to access your place first before giving a quote. You may visit LG Philippines' official website here or visit the nearest LG authorized dealers nationwide.

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