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Reuters: 73 percent of Filipinos rely on Facebook for news

DNR 2022 says that among 46 nationalities, PH landed on the fifth spot in terms of consuming news on social media.
Reuters: 73 percent of Filipinos rely on Facebook for news
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Majority of Filipinos choose social media for watching or reading news

According to the website, DNR shows new insights about digital news consumption based on a YouGov survey of over 93,000 online news consumers in 46 markets covering half of the world's population.

In the Philippines, DNR 2022 is based on a poll of 93,432 people, where 2,023 are Filipino adults. The online poll started on January 18 and then ended last February 2, 2022.

The results reveal that majority of Filipinos choose social media for watching or reading news, their consumption being the fifth-highest among other markets. Also, more than half of them utilize social media, messaging, or email to share the news.

On the other hand, TV news viewing still plays a big role in new consumption with 60 percent of adult Pinoys saying that they still watch it for this purpose. DNR 2022 also added that GMA Network remains the most accessed brand on a weekly basis both offline and online, then closely followed by ABS-CBN. 

Before the network's shutdown in 2020, ABS-CBN had dominated with 60 percent following offline and 54 percent online. 

Moreover, the researchers discovered that Filipinos also pay attention not only to specific news sources but also to journalists or commentators. In the Philippines, Facebook is still the most widely used platform for news consumption. Almost three-fourths of the respondents turn to the platform to read or watch news events.

However, TikTok became a strong player since the 2 percent in 2020 became 15 percent this year for news consumption. The Philippines is now in the 3rd spot in using the said platform for this purpose.

This is probably why there are news organizations have adopted TikTok. On the other hand, almost a third of the respondents think that news on TikTok is not enough. In fact, those who think there isn't enough news on TikTok are Pinoys who are above 45 in age. 

Meanwhile, 34 percent also have this same perspective on news on Instagram. 

The DNR 2022 survey also found that more people in all 46 markets prefer to read online news in text rather than watch online news videos. The Philippines, on the other hand, has among the smallest proportions that mostly read the news. The study added,

Higher use of social media in general…may be encouraging more video news use. These preferences are closely linked to video consumption through platforms such as YouTube, the most widely used video-based platform in our survey.

57 percent of Filipinos consume news via YouTube. The country has the biggest proportion of people that mostly watch online news videos. 

Source: Reuters, Via: Inquirer
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