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Converge is the Fiber ISP choice for this Cebu-based developer

Converge claimed that they emerged as a choice for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) as their internet provider in the IT sector.
Converge is the Fiber ISP choice for Cebu-based developer
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Converge is a choice for SMEs?

According to one of Converge's customers, Increment Technologies Inc., a Cebu-based software and mobile app maker firm, Converge satisfies their demanding internet requirements such as hosting, source code uploading, and massive data downloads.

Every time we have codes in the local environment, we push that to the live servers we have installed in the repositories so that they can be easily accessed by other developers. In terms of deployment of the system (which is on the server side), we require good internet with no interruption considering that we push a lot of codes and huge amounts of data, noted Kenneth Canales, President, and CEO of Increment Technologies.

The IT start-up focuses on web and mobile development and gives services to clients abroad like the US, Europe, and Asia. The President of Increment Technologies continued that they could see many opportunities during the pandemic era since more businesses adapted to digitalization thanks to Converge's reliable connection.

There are a lot of opportunities in the technology space today, especially for software development. We are fortunate to be a Philippine company providing that service for clients all over the world. Because of the demand, we were able to hire employees and provide jobs amid the pandemic, Canales added

Increment Technologies could also carry out their services to their global clients by creating the app "PayHiram". A fintech app with an E-wallet that caters to OFWs who regularly transfer money to their families. 

Money transfer, local and international remittance, withdrawals, and payments are among the services provided by PayHiram.
The PayHiram app
The PayHiram app

The IT company was also able to create the BirdsEye app which assists Cebu local government for contact tracing purposes. They reiterated that in this type of service, "stable and strong connectivity was of the utmost importance, particularly during app demonstrations".

Converge also said, for the IT industry a dependable internet becomes the "heart of its operations" and that their services are becoming the choice for this rising community.'

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