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DxOMark: iPhone 14 Pro beats HUAWEI P50 Pro

The popular benchmark authority just published the camera ratings of the new Apple iPhone 14 Pro.
DxOMark: iPhone 14 Pro beats HUAWEI P50 Pro
iPhone 14 Pro rear camera set-up (Photo from Apple)

Remarkable camera scores of the freshly launched iPhone

Camera score breakdown
Camera score breakdown

In particular, the back cameras of the new iPhone 14 Pro attained a photo score of 143, a Zoom score of 139, and a Video score of 171 for a total score of 146 points. 

The premium device was able to enter the global rankings and even bagged the second ranking. Meanwhile, the HONOR 4 Ultimate is on the top spot with a total score of 147. 

Last July, the P50 Pro received one of the highest smartphone camera score of 144 points, but it went down recently to 143 points.

The P50 Pro achieved a Photo score of 143, Zoom score of 149, and a Video score of 139. It managed to get the top score for Bokeh which is 80.

This is way higher than the 141 points scored by the iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 Pro and Xiaomi 11 Ultra. 

For the iPhone 14 Pro's performance, it was allegedly close to 13 Pro Max in terms of still image quality. On the other hand, there were improvements observed, mainly in more challenging light conditions and high-contrast scenes.

In particular , the model is claimed to be less affected by a loss of contrast and an increase in detail is quite noticeable on faces in portrait scenes.

DxOMark noted that the latest flagship from Apple excels especially in portrait photography and videography. This is primarily due to high levels of detail and very nice skin tone rendering, as well as excellent autofocus tracking in video. 

The benchmark authority also pointed out that this is the the first Apple device with a Quad-Bayer image sensor, and it’s been used not only to improve image quality at the primary camera’s nominal focal length, but also to provide high-quality seamless zooming up to a 3x tele factor where the dedicated tele kicks in. It added,

The iPhone 14 Pro also takes over as the best video recording phone from its iPhone 13 Pro predecessors. In combination with the other improvements, this makes it one of the currently very best options for mobile image makers.

The Cupertino giant was able to achieve this feat by using a 48MP main sensor, along with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide sensor with a wider aperture and a 12-megapixel telephoto sensor. Aside from that, the device is equipped with the new 4nm-based Apple A16 Bionic chip with 16 billion transistors inside.

Source: DxOMark
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