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Confirmed: USB-C iPhones are coming even if Apple is "unhappy" with the change

In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Apple marketing lead Greg Joswiak confirmed that the company will replace the Lighting port for future iPhones.
USB-C iPhones soon?

USB-C on iPhones soon!

Instead, the company will be using the USB-C (Type-C) standard even if they are not fond of or happy with the idea.

This is thanks to the recent European Union mandate that will require all smartphone makers to use a single type of charger starting late in 2024 to simplify the life of Europeans, reduce electronic waste, and lessen the cost for consumers.

On contrary, Joswiak claimed that switching from Lighting to USB-C would create more e-wastes since its users will be forced to buy new cables and disregard the old ones. It would also be "tricky" to regulate.

However, it seems that Joswiak forgot that they have devices that could be charged via USB-C like some iPads and MacBooks. Those users are the likely buyers of future iPhones and they might not need to purchase new cables and charge their phones.

To those who missed it, Apple is the only major smartphone manufacturer that is still using its own "standard" for charging, the lightning cable. Apple includes this in the package of their phones but buying an Apple-certified cable or an original Apple-branded cable is often more expensive than most USB Type-C cables.

There is no word on whether we will see this change immediately on the upcoming iPhones next year or if Apple will only ship iPhones with USB-C ports in Europe only.

But we won't be surprised to see this starting next year.

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