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Cherry Roam 5G U50 announces, connects up to 16 devices!

CHERRY's Cherry Roam brand has recently released the very first and only 5G travel WiFi device in the Philippines.
Cherry Roam 5G U50

The very first 5G roaming device in the Philippines!

Dubbed the Cherry Roam 5G U50, the device promises to connect up to 16 devices and has a power bank feature. The company notes that it can deliver an "ultra-fast and ultra-smooth" 5G roaming experience anywhere in the world as long as there is a 5G connection in the area.
Features of the 5G pocket roaming WiFi
Features of the 5G pocket roaming WiFi

In particular, the device has up to 2.5 Gbps speed with a 30 percent decrease in delay and stall rate for uninterrupted video streaming and online learning versus 4G. It is also up to 16 times the speed of 4G.

The device also has Instant Network Reselection which monitors active and standby data networks and intelligently switches to the best connection available. It also has a 2.4-inch touchscreen that allows users to personalize the pocket WiFi, monitor data consumption, check signal strength, and count the number of connected devices.

It is equipped with a 5,400mAh battery capacity which can last for over 12 hours. As mentioned earlier, it has a power bank function using its Reverse Charging feature.

To use the device, simply pair it with the Cherry Roam mobile app.

Price and availability

Cherry Roam 5G U50 - PHP 15,000 (introductory price)

The device has an introductory price of PHP 15,000.

You may check its availability on its official website.

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