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Globe reports the successful live trial of improved SA 5G tech, to be deployed soon!

Local telco giant Globe recently said in a press release that the company's live trial of its improved 5G technology is "successful".
A better Globe 5G experience soon?

Globe 5G SA tech is coming!

The said technology is 5G standalone (SA) which is designed to provide ultra-low latency and higher bit rates to enable super-fast response times and faster access to higher data compared to the usual non-standalone 5G (NSA).

This is because 5G SA relies exclusively on 5G connectivity, compared to 5G Non-Standalone, which still relies on the 4G/LTE network.

In its live trial speed tests, Globe said that it reached 700 to 1,000 Mbps for downloads and 120 to 150 Mbps for uploads. It also provides voice call technology called EPS (evolved packet system) that allows automatic shifting to 4G from 5G to ensure undisrupted voice calls.

The telco claimed that the alleged success of its live network testing proves its readiness to integrate and operationalize this new technology.

The company also said that its venture into 5G standalone technology will also provide enterprises and consumers with blazing-fast speeds and hyperconnectivity, opening up a myriad of possibilities in business and personal use.

To recap, Globe received the approval to launch commercial 5G in 2018. Its non-standalone 5G network reached key urban areas in 2020. This yearGlobe has yielded 1,064 new cell sites, 10,600 mobile sites upgraded to LTE, and added 1,887 new 5G sites nationwide.

We continue to intensify efforts towards 5G enablement and to bring the latest technology to our customers. With 5G Standalone, our customers will get the best experience in cloud gaming, Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality. It will also deliver a differentiated experience per application through Network Slicing, or dividing the network into dedicated channels, and massive machine-type communication for intelligent power grids and intelligent cities, said Joel Agustin, Globe Senior Vice President for Network Planning and Engineering.

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