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Apple revealed the HomePod 2nd gen w/ temperature and humidity sensors!

Apple revived the HomePod which was discontinued 2 years ago. Now the 2nd generation appears with added features.
Apple revealed the HomePod 2nd gen w/ temperature and humidity sensors!
The new smart speaker

Apple announces the HomePod 2nd gen!

The new HomePod still features a similar 4-inch tall excursion woofer like its predecessor. It also has five-new horn-loaded tweeters and 4 new far-field mics, and an internal low-frequency calibration mic for automatic bass correction. 
Inside the device
Inside the device

It comes in two colorways either White or Black and has a removable cable to power it.

The HomePod 2nd gen also features automatic room correction by listening to the inputs from the microphones and calibrating itself. To achieve that, they included the Apple S7 SoC to assist in computational audio and real-time tuning.
Supports pairing with other HomePod gen 2
Supports pairing with other HomePod gen 2

Moreover, the smart speaker supports stereo pairing as long as it is a similar model. That also means that it cannot be paired with the 1st gen and the mini versions.

Another highlight is the Dolby Atmos audio playback support when using the Apple TV 4K and the new sensors for temperature and humidity. This audio device has the ability to relay the information around you in real time and can even be used to turn off your room's AC or close the blinds when a preset temperature target is achieved.
Interacts with other Apple devices
Interacts with other Apple devices

Furthermore, its Sound Recognition feature can silently listen to the beeps from a smoke or carbon monoxide detector and then transfer alerts to iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch.

US price with direct-to-PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Apple HomePod 2nd gen - USD 299 (around PHP 16K)

It is now available to order at the Apple Store while the sale begins on February 3 in the US. Apple has yet to announce its arrival in the PH region.

Stay tuned.

Source: Apple

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