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AnkerWork productivity peripherals announced in PH!

Anker's subsidiary AnkerWork revealed three products to improve your work or study setup.
AnkerWork productivity peripherals announced in PH!
The three devices

AnkerWork productivity peripherals are now in PH!

First on the list is called the PowerCam C300, this is a web camera capable of shooting videos at Full HD 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second. Users may appear brighter with its Auto Low-Light Correction and adjust the field of view as needed via the settings.

Meanwhile, it has a cover so you can just slide it off when not in use.

It is Zoom-certified making it compatible with the app while also producing picture quality, color, and clarity.

The webcam is equipped with Dual Microphones with Active Noise Cancellation eliminating background noise so callers can only hear the user's voice.

Another notable feature is Face Tracking, which simply puts your face front and center during online meetings via its AI chip that recognizes the user's face and automatically tilts or pans when you are moving.
More photos of the peripherals
More photos of the peripherals

Up next is the PowerConf H500 Headset, as the name implies it is a wireless Bluetooth headset made for your video conferences or simply, calls.

It's got 40mm drivers with VoiceShield technology. Anker says, unlike traditional noise canceling, the VoiceShield uses deep learning tech to block out ambient noise for callers on the other end. They claimed that your callers will hear nothing but your voice only.

This also comes with Minutes in Minutes, software to record all your meeting's information, and when it's over, just click the "Transcribe" button which automatically writes everything.

Anker says this headset can last up to 35 hours without the VoiceShield, and 28 hours if turned on. While the charging time requires only 1 hour and 40 minutes in total. There's also a fast charge where a 5-minute plugged in will give 3 hours of talk time.

Lastly, the device connects using Bluetooth 5.0 or through the USB-A Bluetooth dongle.

The third product is called the PowerConf S500. This is a portable conference speaker that uses VoiceRadar Technology. Anker's exclusive acoustic algorithm is capable of removing unwanted noise to bring clear calls during a meeting. They claimed that if users moved around the room, the voice can still be picked up clearly.

This is made possible by the 4 microphones inside with a 32KHz sampling rate to transmit the user's voice. While Full duplex communication ensures clear 2-way audio even when both ends are talking simultaneously.

The brand said that A single PowerConf S500 provides performance for up to 12 individuals in a room, and you can wirelessly pair two of them to provide coverage for up to 20 people.

Anker added that it can produce Hi-Fi Grade sound on its 1.75-inch speaker which means you can also use it for music playing besides calling.

In terms of connectivity, there's a USB-C port, Bluetooth, and USB-A for 2.4GHz frequency.

For battery, this is equipped with 6,700mAh rated to last up to 16 hours of playtime.

Price and availability

PowerCam C300 - PHP  7,695
PowerConf H500 - PHP  8,495
PowerConf S500 - PHP 11,595

You may avail of these devices at the Anker PH store website, official Lazada and Shopee stores, and Anker retail stores in the country.

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