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7 reasons why the realme GT 3's 240W SUPERVOOC charging is SAFER and FASTER than you think!

realme recently announced the new realme GT 3 with the highlight feature being the 4,600 mAh battery with 240W SUPERVOOC fast wired charging.
More information about the 240W charging tech!

What makes it better and safer?

realme first introduced fast wired charging with the realme X7's 65W fast charging. This was followed by the 150W charging of the GT Neo 3 in 2022. Now, realme introduced the 240W charging technology with the new realme GT 3.

realme claims that you can get 20 percent of the charge just from 80 seconds of charging.

Introducing the new feature comes with three industry-first in charging technology: the first 240W fast charging architecture, the first 12A custom charging cable, and the world's first 240W dual GaN mini charger.

1. Advanced 240W fast-charging Architecture - realme says that it uses three (3) maxed-out charging chipsets to make 240W possible. They've developed it to the extent that the company is boasting an astonishing 98.5 percent efficiency rate. These chipsets are placed in strategic locations on the phone. This allows for lower temperatures when charging by transferring high voltage/low current into high current/low voltage.
Most advanced battery charging and cooling tech in the industry?
Most advanced battery charging and cooling tech in the industry?

2. The "Most Advanced Battery in a smartphone" - The battery inside the realme GT 3 is a 10C Ultra-thin battery with a 24A Maximum Current and a 162 percent increased Maximum Charging Capacity.

It also has a lifespan of over 1,600 charge cycles versus the industry standard of 800 cycles before the original capacity drops to 80 percent.

realme says that the battery is made for extreme environments and is designed to perform under 85 degrees Celsius safely and seamlessly for 21 consecutive days.

3. Industry-leading Safety Monitoring Mechanism - It utilizes a PS3 Fireproof design where fireproofing shield is built around heat-generating components while the rest of the phone is made with V-O grade materials with the highest plastic flame retardant in the industry. 

The battery is monitored by 13 temperature sensors and features 60 layers of protection.

Lastly, it is TUV Rheinland Safe Fast-Charge System Certified. This means that the fast charging tech has been rigorously tested with more comprehensive testing standards that were designed to give customers an assurance to not worry about safety issues.

4. Industry-leading Battery Cooling technology - To cool the battery, realme is using a combination of a Vapor Chamber Liquid Cooling technology with a 6580 square millimeter Phase transition cooling area that the brand says is better than the standard graphene cooling systems in the industry.
Special 12A cables
Special 12A cables

5. Cable Matters - realme says that the new cable is an ultra-fast 12A that supposedly produces 20 percent improved current carrying capacity and a significant 77.8 percent increase in cross-section area. This means that even more wires and copper material are placed inside to carry more power while allowing for greater and more efficient carrying capacity.

6. AI Smart Charging - With intelligent scene detection and battery health protection, the realme GT 3 can detect and learn the user's battery needs. It will actively sense the user's environment and adapts the charging accordingly.

realme says that when the user is at an airport, for example, the user will get the fastest possible charge from 0 to 100 percent in under 10 minutes. While when charging at night, the phone maintains an 80 percent charge while the user is sleeping and boosts it to 100 percent before the user wakes up. realme claims that even after a year of use, the battery health should be close to brand new with these battery-saving features.
240W SUPERVOOC Charger
240W SUPERVOOC Charger

7. 240W Dual-GaN High-Powered Charger - It offers 60 percent more power than the realme GT Neo 3's 150W adapter but with only a 1.2 percent increase in size. This means it offers 60 percent more power for roughly the same size.

BONUS: It features a Max-Cold Mode where the phone can charge even under the extreme cold of -20 degrees Celsius while other smartphones have ineffective charging from 0 to -5 degrees Celsius. This is done by pre-heating the device with the charging wattage to achieve fast charging in cold weather.

With all of that specs and features, it is clear that realme has made a ton of effort to make the 240W fast charging as efficient and as safe as they possibly can. 

Will it be fail-proof? Maybe, but they've done their best. No one else has been open about the technologies of their fast charging yet. We hope that other companies follow suit. 

It'll also take time before we actually find out if everything that realme is saying is correct.

What do you guys think?

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