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List of Cherry Home device to gift your mom on Mother's Day!

Cherry shares a list of products that you may gift your mom this coming Mother's Day.
List of Cherry Home device to gift your mom on Mother's Day!
Cherry Home device

Cherry Home shares a list of giftable products for Mother's Day

If you are in search of that gift for your Mom or Wife this Mother's Day here are the five recommendations from Cherry to show your appreciation for them.

1. Cherry Smart Video Doorbell - Moms always want security for their family, that's why this device lets them see or hear who is outside their door with its two-way communication system and 1080p 140-degree wide camera that allows you to take screenshots or record videos. You can get those for a price of PHP 3,250.

2. Cherry Smart Baby Camera - Priced at PHP 1,405, this is ideal for any parent who wants to keep an eye on their kids whether they are babies or not, parents will always look out for their children. Thanks to the Full HD video quality of this device, it will be easy for them to watch closely with their family. Apart from that it also offers 2-way audio and the capability to record continuously. 

3. Cherry Smart Bullet S2 Camera, it comes with 3MP video quality and a wide viewing angle. Another function it has will be the 2.4GHz WiFi wireless connection so parents can stay connected with their loved ones 24/7. It also comes with motion detection to see who moves around in the house while it can be easily attached to the walls of your home with its wall screws. Meanwhile, it is priced at PHP 1,610.

4. Cherry Smart Movasweep Robotic Vacuum - In case your mom or wife needs a helping aid, this device could be ideal for them, it will lessen the burden in terms of cleaning and allow them to multitask with the robot vacuum. The Intelligent Mapping Technology it uses can recall the layout of your room or an entire home for that easier cleaning. Meanwhile, the suction power is up to 2600Pa for more effective removal of dirt. It is priced at PHP 13,900.

5. Cherry 8-in-1 Air Fryer - Most mothers show their love to their family by cooking, this could be ideal for them as it has 8 cooking functions such as roast, pizza, cookies, warm, bake, broil, air fry, and toast. What's good about this Cherry says that the Air Fryer can combat fat and oil by up to 80 percent ensuring a healthier diet for the whole family.

Moreover, the Air Fryer has a capacity of 25 liters with a 60-minute timer and a 30 to 230 degrees temperature. It is priced at PHP 8,800.

You may visit the Cherry Shop to get these home appliances.

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