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YT channels of Quiboloy-led SMNI, Kingdom of Jesus Christ also terminated

More YouTube channels of organizations led by "pastor" Apollo Quiboloy have been taken down.
SMNI is longer accessible on YouTube
SMNI is longer accessible on YouTube

Violation of Terms of Services

Based on a report by Rappler, the YouTube channels of media network SMNI News, and the "church" of "The Kingdom of Jesus Christ" were closed down on Friday. Both were founded by Quiboloy.

YouTube also terminated the channel "Laban Kasama Ang Bayan" hosted by former Duterte government official Lorraine Badoy.

In a statement, YouTube’s parent company Google said it "is committed to compliance with applicable US sanctions laws and enforces related policies under its Terms of Service. After reviewing and consistent with these policies, we terminated the Laban Kasama ang Bayan, KOJC & SMNI YouTube channels."

To recall, Quiboloy's YouTube channel was taken down in June, as well as his TikTok account this month.

Quiboloy's and SMNI's Facebook and Twitter accounts are still accessible.

SMNI had 1.7 million subscribers, Laban Kasama Ang Bayan had around 100,000, and "The Kingdom of Jesus Christ" had around 4,000.

Quiboloy is on the most wanted list of the US FBI since February 2022 for alleged sex trafficking, fraud, coercion, and bulk cash smuggling charges.

The FBI said he is wanted for "his alleged participation in a labor trafficking scheme that brought church members to the United States, via fraudulently obtained visas, and forced the members to solicit donations for a bogus charity, donations that actually were used to finance church operations and the lavish lifestyles of its leaders."

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Via: Rappler

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