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Whoscall launched in PH: A caller ID, blocker, spam/scam detector app to fight scammers!

Gogolook has unveiled the Whoscall app in New World Makati Hotel Philippines, a new app to aid in fighting digital crimes in the Philippines.
Whoscall launched in PH:  A caller ID, blocker, spam/scam detector app to fight scammers!
The panelist talked about the scams happening in the country

Whoscall anti-fraud app launched in PH!

Ever since the pandemic started and the requirements for the establishments to submit your data to them. There have been numerous spam messages suddenly appeared in many users in the Philippines.

Most of these unknown messages include ads and links to hacks that may harm phone users if accidentally or intently opened.

There has also been an increase in unwanted calls from telemarketers, and online lending apps that have become annoying these days.

And to battle those, Whoscall is an application that can identify whether they are spam or friendly calls, or text messages. Gogolook claims they have a wide database of recorded spam numbers so users will know what numbers are incoming in their devices.
Karen Davilla invited as a guest to the event
Karen Davilla invited as a guest to the event

The event also participated by award-winning journalist Karen Davilla, renowned Tech blogger, Gian Viterbo of Gadget Pilipinas, and Youth Leader Aileen Montalbo. All of which have shed light on the alarming rise of heinous calls and messages in the country. While they also shared measures that must be taken to address the pressing issue.

Maraming kababayan nating OFW ang nawalan ng ipon dahil naloko ng scammers. Huwag nating hayaang mangyari ito sa iba pa, says Gian Viterbo of Gadget Pilipinas

These scam texts and calls are not just inconveniences. They affect our lives and our everyday security. Let's push for ways to make our nation stronger against scams, shade by Aileen Montalbo, Youth Lead, Influencer, and Blogger.

Undersecretary Alexander K. Ramos of the Cybercrime Investigation and Coordinating Center and Colonel Joey Fontiveros of the Philippine Army's Deputy Regiment Commander Army Signal Regiment both stated that scamming methods are growing more sophisticated. This highlights the importance of a resource like Whoscall that uses modern intelligence, as well as how the app's arrival in the country is timely and relevant.

Using the Whoscall app, users can now recapture control and trust over their phone's communications. According to the developers, users can decide whether to answer or reject calls and messages using the app's anti-fraud capabilities. People using the app can also report strange numbers, giving them the ability to take part in this widespread fight against fraud.

As fraud became more apparent during and after the pandemic, we saw how Filipinos have suffered losses from scams, much like in other countries where we have launched Whoscall, such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Japan. This reality ignited our drive to create a comprehensive life protection platform accessible to every Filipino across the nation," said Manwoo Joo, Chief Operating Officer of Gogolook.

Whoscall claims they have the biggest database in Ease Asia and Southeast Asia of over 2.6 billion entries to detect unknown callers, spam, scam calls and text, and potentially harmful URLs. The app was even recognized with Best App Aware on the App Store last 2015 and got the Best App and Innovation awards on Google Play last 2013 and 2016. With the support of its accomplishments, Whoscall has forged alliances with national and international law enforcement agencies, including the Malaysian Royal Police, Hong Kong Police Force, and Thailand Police Cyber Taskforce.
The Whoscall flyer
The Whoscall flyer

You can now download the app from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Or simply click this link here

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