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iPhone 15 Pro's overheating issue: Internal design, titanium finish, and avoid Android USB-C

Apple's iPhone 15 Pro variants has received multiple reports of overheating. Industry Analyst reveals the main culprit behind it.
iPhone 15 Pro's overheating issue: Internal design, Titanium finish and avoid Android USB-C
File photo: iPhone 15 Pro Max

iPhone 15 Pro's overheating issue is caused by Internal design, Titanium finish, Android USB-C

Recently, it was reported that the chip may be the one that causes it. After all the A17 Pro packs a crazy fast CPU and GPU. However, a known analyst says it's not, and the culprit behind the heating problem lies in the internal design and the new titanium finish.
The iPhone 15 Pro Max white version
The iPhone 15 Pro Max white version

Based on an industry analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple made comprises in the thermal system this year to maintain the weight of the device. The American firm could have used fewer heat dissipation techniques or materials so the weight of the phone wouldn't have increased.
The iPhone 15 Pro Max display!
The iPhone 15 Pro Max display!

Besides the thermal system, the utilization of titanium metal is another reason why the iPhone 15 Pro variants are heating up as this material has a detrimental impact in terms of thermal efficiency. 

Sure Apple has opted to use titanium due to its durability and is able to withstand drops as high as 15 feet and it also paved the way for the brand to use a matte coating to prevent fingerprints. However, it looks like the said metal has drawbacks as well making them susceptible to scratches and scuffs. Now, looks like there's another reason why it would be better not to use titanium, or at least from the way they implemented it.

In the meantime, Apple will likely address the pertaining issues revolving around their flagships via software updates, however, Analyst Kuo believes it will only make a little difference. While having a speedier 3nm chip in the gadget would defeat the goal, it could spare the device from a "negative impact on shipments." The iPhone 15 Pro has only recently been released and has a long way to go. Furthermore, Apple is unlikely to recall the devices for a fast hardware fix.
The USB-C feature on Apple
The USB-C feature on Apple

In a related story, Apple stores highly recommend avoiding using "Android USB-C" versions to prevent the overheating problem based on an Apple Store in China.

Based on GizmoChina's report, Android USB-C, and Apple's are built differently in terms of the pin arrangement of the interfaces.

The 9-pin and 11-pin connections appear to have a narrower spacing. The connector side of the cable may overheat when attached to the iPhone 15, causing problems with the device's USB-C port.

Apple staff may just want to prevent these overheating concerns as excessive use may melt or damage the iPhone 15's USB-C port. Right now there has been no update on how the customer's warranty will be fulfilled if this occurs.

At this point, it is unclear whether Apple gave instructions to their sales personnel to encourage customers to purchase Apple's version of USB-C to maximize profits as these new accessories are priced absurdly higher than the regular Android option.

Apple has yet to comment on this matter. We will keep you updated soon.

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