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Some customers air concern on their defective Samsung PH appliance

News anchor Gretchen Fullido recently posted about the problem she has been facing regarding her Samsung washing machine, prompting other customers to share their own experiences.
Some customers air concern on their defective Samsung PH appliance
Screenshot from Gretchen Fullido's FB

Samsung promises to look into the issue?

On Facebook, Fullido shared that her Samsung washing machine had been repaired four times already, but it still ended up not working.

Hi Samsung Philippines what’s happening to my washing machine? — it has been repaired 4 times already & is not working again? 🀯😭😫 I think this unit is really defective, she said.

Been trying to reach your customer care again & again, she added

The Samsung Philippines official profile replied to her post, saying "[t]his is not the experience we would expect our customers to have and would like to help."
The response from Samsung Philippines
The response from Samsung Philippines

Kindly share your detailed concern and contact details via private message so that we can look into this, it added.

As of posting, there is still no update regarding Fullido's concern.

Scrolling in the comments section, some of her followers aired the same concern.

One FB user said he had a Samsung TV that broke after two years.

Tapos pag tumawag kapa sa repair maintenance nila d ka MN lang papansinin 😏😏😏Ang mahal pa nmn 😏😏😏, he added.

Another FB user said she had the same concern but on her refrigerator.

Samsung weve also had concerns with our Samsung refrigerator and your Customer support is VERY POOR .... until now we dont have any response from you and you are not accomodating your customers well.. 😑, she said.

Some users also gave Fullido advice to just switch to another brand since Samsung appliances appear to break down faster than other brands.

Contrary to these users' claims, another FB account said she has been using a Samsung washing machine for 10 years already and it has been performing well.

Samsung ang washing machine ko ay ok naman 10 years ko ng ginagamit heavy washing machine pa, she shared.

Whatever the issue may be, we hope this issue gets resolved. It is really a big hassle when you have broken appliances, especially the essential ones.

Tell us, did you experience the same? Has it been resolved?

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