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Goodbye MIUI! Xiaomi's HyperOS skin will debut on the Xiaomi 14 Series!

Xiaomi Founder and CEO Lei Jun on Twitter earlier confirmed that "HyperOS" is real and it will officially debut on the upcoming 14 Series high-end phones.
Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun flaunting HyperOS on a prototype Xiaomi device

HyperOS is coming!

HyperOS is said to gradually replace MIUI. MIUI has been around for 13 years with its devices. The first MIUI was revealed on August 13, 2010. The current MIUI is MIUI 14.
HyperOS logo
HyperOS logo

HyperOS is said to cater across its entire ecosystem of products in 200 categories. Apart from its mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, this includes smart home devices, cars, and more.

The new skin is based on the integration of the deeply evolved Android and its self-developed Vela System. Lei Jun added that it completely rewrites the underlying architecture, and prepares the public foundation for the Internet of Everything for tens of billions of devices and tens of billions of connections in the future.

The company hasn't shared its new features yet, but it claimed that it will bring "leapfrog upgrades" versus MIUI.

Could this be the much-awaited overhaul of Xiaomi's Android skin?

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