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GCash bares efforts to make e-wallet accessible worldwide

GCash shared its efforts for stronger international services at the Singapore Fintech Festival 2023.
GCash announces its services are back to normal, enhanced security measures implemented!
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Expanding GCash's reach around the world

During the recently held Singapore Fintech Festival 2023, GCash president and CEO Martha Sazon unveiled in a panel discussion the new feature in the e-wallet's app where users can view real-time foreign exchange rates in select countries such as Singapore, Japan, and the USA.

Through GCash services, Filipino travelers as well as those who live and work overseas can enjoy the same benefits as those who own credit cards and bank accounts. They can use the app to pay in stores and establishments that accept Alipay+ or accept card transactions,” Sazon was quoted in a statement.

Through GCash's partnership with Alipay+, users can use the e-wallet for cashless transactions in 17 countries like Singapore, Japan, and the USA. It also allowed overseas users to sign up for GCash using international mobile numbers in six countries such as the USA, Italy, and Japan.

GCash's partnership with Visa, meanwhile, made way for cashless transactions in over 80 million merchants across 200 countries. Customers can order the new GCash Card via the app. Aside from that, they can pay with GCash in establishments that accept Alipay+ by either scanning their QR codes or generating a code.

On top of its international expansion, the fintech company has begun beefing up its services for enterprise customers.

I think to really transform the nation we start playing in the B2B space. We can't just be one of the players, we need to really address the pain points and the friction that’s in the B2B space to make it a more meaningful play for us, Sazon pointed out.

Aside from providing digital financial tools for enterprise clients, GCash said it also offers partner marketing solutions to any business. It is also focusing on how it can help in the digital transformation of nano, micro, small, and medium enterprises (NMSME) with a suite of innovative business solutions.

Sazon was joined by Ernest Cu, the chairman of GCash holding company Mynt, and the President and CEO of the Globe Group.

The Singapore FinTech Festival is one of the biggest events for the industry, gathering industry players and leaders worldwide. It was organized by Elevandi, a non-profit organization set up by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

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