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Confirmed! Elephone Has Philippine Presence In Tacloban City!

Remember the Elephone Facebook page we posted several months ago? They replied and got a confirmation that products from that popular Chinese handset manufacturer is here in the Philippines already. The page even told via way of private message that they just opened their first store in Tacloban City, Leyte.
Confirmed! Elephone Has Philippine Presence In Tacloban City!
Elephone Vowney

We also got their complete product offering and their prices

Elephone Q - 3,699 Pesos
Elephone Trunk - 6,299 Pesos
Elephone P6000 Pro - 8,199 Pesos
Elephone S2 Plus - 8,899 Pesos
Elephone M1 - 9,499 Pesos
Elephone M2 - 10,899 Pesos
Elephone P8000 - 10,499 Pesos
Elephone P7000 - 12,499 Pesos
Elephone Vowney Lite - 12,899 Pesos
Elephone Vowney - 17,399 Pesos

However that's the only info I got, we are not yet sure if they're an authorized Elephone retailer for the Philippine market or they're just importing the products here. No word yet about the warranty too. We'll keep you guys posted!
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