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Upcoming Black Shark 2 Pro scored the highest on AnTuTu

Gaming phone Black Shark 2 Pro has appeared on the AnTuTu benchmark with a score of 405,598 points, the highest score in the history of Android phones.
Upcoming Black Shark 2 Pro scored the highest on AnTuTu
Alleged AnTuTu score of the upcoming Black Shark 2 Pro

Key specifications of Black Shark 2 Pro exposed

Comparing to its predecessor Black Shark 2, there is an 8 percent increase in the overall AnTuTu score but we can take a look on the individual components. CPU scores are up by 3 percent, MEM scores posted a gain of 11.7 percent, the GPU scores improved by 14.7 percent while the UX scores remain almost the same.
SD855 vs SD855+
SD855 vs SD855+

According to the source, the phone is rumored to have faster Snapdragon 855 Plus SoC since this chipset assures four percent performance improvement and fifteen percent higher performance on graphics.

Also, this phone is expected to have a 6.39-inch FHD+ AMOLED screen that guarantees a full HD display. For memory and processor, it will be equipped with 12GB RAM, 256GB storage, UFS3.0, and Android Pie.

Camera specs are still 48MP with 12MP lens for 2x optical zoom on the back camera while the front camera has 20 megapixels. Another assumption is that liquid cooling 3.0 will be an added feature, and that can be good for minimizing battery drain and overheating problems.

There is a photo leak of Black Shark 2 Pro revealing a similar design to Black Shark 2 with just small differences in details. The RGB illuminated logo is still in a central position while there are more glass inserts which may be added to improve reception.

This premium model is set to be released officially on July 30 so the price is still unknown. We will keep you posted for updates.

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