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Google uncovers face unlock and Motion Sense of the upcoming Pixel 4

It was no longer a secret that Pixel 4 will feature Motion Sense and face unlocked technology since Google released a teaser ad about it. Although its launch is supposedly in October, the company decided to talk more about the upcoming model on its website blog.
Google uncovers face unlock and Motion Sense of the upcoming Pixel 4
Pixel 4's front-facing camera with the highlighted features

Unlocking with a face scan

The first revelation on the video clip is instead of having a fingerprint sensor, Pixel 4 will utilize a face unlock technology. This unlock feature had undergone field research to make sure that it will work any lighting problems and the diversity of human faces. Consequently, it will have different sensors for face identification which includes depth, infrared and RGB. Google included that this feature can work in almost any orientation, even upside down and users can do payments and app authentication with it. This is significantly more secure than just a picture as it can prevent spoofing. As for any biometric data, they will be stored in a Titan M chip and never distributed with other Google services. Could this new feature mean equal footing of Google with the iPhone?  It can be arguably true as only iPad Pro has the same adaptability with its Face ID but the current iPhone models lack it. But it can be noted that if Pixel 4’s face unlock fails in comparison with the iPhone in terms of speed and security, Google will face a huge risk.

Convenience with Motion Sense radar

Another news about Google Pixel 4 is its Motion Sense feature that is geared with a Project Soli Chip. This is the same technology that has been used for decades in detecting planes and large objects. How does it function with this phone? It primarily uses radar in detecting even the tiniest of movement. The system has preliminary gestures such a simple hand-waving but it can be customized for complicated ones. This is done with the combination of unique software algorithms and hardware sensors. Users can skip songs, snooze alarms and put the phone in silent mode with just a wave. However, Google will cater to this Motion Sense feature to selected Pixel countries.

As said before, Pixel 4 is expected to go official in October this year but there no definite date yet. We will keep you updated on its release, price, and availability.

Do you think these features can make you #teampixel this year?

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