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DOH: Cell sites do not cause health hazards

DOH debunks the myth that cell sites can cause health hazards as radiation emitted fall well below regulatory and scientifically tested safe limits.
DOH: Cell sites do not cause health hazards
Cell sites are safe

No need to be scared of cell towers according to DOH

We are now living in an era wherein smartphones and Internet connections are considered a necessity for academics, work, and entertainment. More phones are being manufactured means more cell sites should be built.

With the emergence of plans to cater to 5G from the country's top telco providers such as Smart, PLDT, and Globe, concerns were raised on the health risks from the radiation emitted by the cell sites. Gladys Cabrera, a health specialist from the Department of Health clarified this issue by explaining why cell sites are considered safe.

A study regarding this topic was conducted way back in 2001, with a clear conclusion that there are no studies proving that cell sites can cause cancer.

This is also supported by several studies made abroad, and DOH is still on its watch if there will be findings that cell sites can cause adverse health effects. It is working with international health institutions like the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP).

As a further explanation, she stated that these cell sites only emit radiofrequency radiation that is classified as non-ionizing.

What does it mean? This type of radiation has weak energy that it can’t break the molecular bond so it will not cause damage to the DNA. Aside from that, people are already being exposed to radiofrequency radiation emitted by the TV and radio stations.

5G is also considered safe

According to Ajit Pai, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), 5G is safe just like 4G and 3G. Smartphones using new 5G technology are harmless, as the US regulator maintains radiofrequency limits. He recommended in his proposal that the agency should establish a set of guidelines to be followed by smartphone manufacturers, with the limits regardless of the technology that's being used.

FCC stated that the higher-frequency signals used to deliver 5G also pose no health risk, and the existing exposure guidelines are still applicable up to this date.

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Source: GlobeICON, ZDNet
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