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#YouDoNote these new features about the Samsung Galaxy Note10 series

Samsung freshly announced the Galaxy Note10 & Note10+ and these are the impressive things you should know about these top-of-the-line offers.
#YouDoNote these new features about the Samsung Galaxy Note10 series
The new Samsung Galaxy Note10 and Note10+

Reasons why you should check out the new Samsung Galaxy Note10 series

1. Removing of 3.5mm headphone jack - Almost every flagship in 2018 has given up the 3.5mm headphone jack for a USB Type-C dongle and this time Samsung followed the suit. One of the benefits being touted about the move over to USB Type-C digital audio is that it will improve music quality since rather than sending analog signals over the wires to the headphones, only a digital signal will be sent.
No more 3.5mm headphone jack
No more 3.5mm headphone jack

2. Introducing 7nm processor - With nodes just 7nm wide, the world’s newest generation of smartphone chips helps Galaxy Note10 series to run faster and save more power compared to previous versions. 

3. Zoom-in Mic - This innovative feature can focus audio collection with a direction while the user zooms the lens. In other words, if someone is in front of you talking and you zoom the camera on him/her, a zoom mic will likewise focus sound collection from the front and not from the sides or rear.

4. Upgrading S Pen build and functionality - Samsung Galaxy Note10+ gets a bigger 4,300mAh of battery and this means an increased battery life for the S Pen of up to 10 hours. For more productivity design, the Galaxy Note10 series opened the Air actions SDK so developers can create customized controls. The idea is to give users the ability to play games or use their favorite applications using gestures rather than just pointing the pen to the device.
The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and the new S Pen
The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ and the new S Pen

5. Doubling power button as the Bixby button - Samsung’s digital assistant Bixby makes it easy to complete the most common tasks on your phone. One of the biggest complaints though is users accidentally opening Bixby by pressing the Bixby Key on the side of the Samsung Galaxy S9, Galaxy S8, Note8, and Note9. In this new Galaxy series, this key disappeared as it was considered a nuisance.

But, the power button now acts as a double for the removed Bixby button. Press once for the power, and press twice for Bixby, that easy. *winks*

6. Enabling DeX both on Mac and Windows -  While Samsung has simplified the entire DeX experience on the Galaxy Note9, in this new series it became versatile in a sense the phones can connect to a Mac or Windows computer. DeX can now work on a PC or a Mac which means that even if the device attached has its own operating system, DeX will work. This means that you can drag and drop, copy, and paste between your Note10 series and PC.

7. AR Doodle - With the use of ultra-wide camera, Samsung enables AR doodling in Galaxy Note10 series. As the name suggests, the app lets you doodle in augmented reality, with added animations and effects. With AR Doodle, the S Pen can be used to personalize photos with dynamic drawings, effects, and animations that track to the image.

8. Introducing Night mode for Selfie - Samsung saw the need for this new feature since a lot of people take photos at low-light or dim location like concert venues, or just enjoying a sunset. Galaxy Note10 series includes a Night Mode in its front camera to lets users take outstanding selfies even in those said locations.

9. Adding Live Focus Video - This is a feature like the Live focus feature on the camera of Note9, giving users the ability to blur out the background. By including a 3D Depth Camera on both the rear and front cameras, scenes behind your object can be blurred in real time while recording the video. Live focus video is available in Galaxy Note 10 series with several bokeh effects.

That's a wrap! #YouDoNote these new features of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 series and share it with your friends now!

Disclaimer: The following images and videos are taken using a pre-production unit that may not directly reflect the end-production experience of the devices that will be commercially available.
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