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YouTube Music to take over Google Play Music by December 2020

YouTube announced on a blog that YouTube Music is going to replace Google Play Music by December 2020.
YouTube Music to take over Google Play Music by December 2020
Say goodbye to Google Play Music by the end of this year

Transfer your files, playlist, and music libraries

Google shared a timeline for Google Play Music’s shutdown. As for its users, they will still have the chance to transfer their music libraries from the said app to YouTube Music in that given time.

Users can from New Zealand and South Africa can no longer stream starting September 2020 then other global markets will follow by October. Also, users can no longer purchase and pre-order music or upload and download music from Google Play Music through Music Manager starting around this month.

Until December, they can still save their playlists, uploads, purchases, likes, and more. They can also transfer their music libraries (via the YouTube Music app) from Google Play Music to YouTube Music even Google Play Music is gone.

There's a transfer tool to migrate any purchases over to YouTube Music to guarantee that there won't be a loss in content. Another option is to use Google Takeout so they can export data and download their purchased and uploaded music.

By the time that they can no longer use  Music Store, they can still upload any tracks purchased elsewhere to YouTube Music. There will be a notification before users lose access to their Google Play Music library and data once they decide to delete the app.

YouTube Music also noted they added some new improvements for the user's benefit and enjoyment. For playlist creation, these are the features that users can explore: Assistive Playlist Creation, Collaborative Playlists, New Programmed Playlists. 

The app is also packed with Player Page Redesign for better playback controls and Explore tab to find new song releases.

What are your thoughts on these changes?

Source: YouTube
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