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DICT launches "Telecom Tower Watch" to accelerate digital infra rollout in PH

The country now has "Telecom Tower Watch" which will facilitate the swift rollout of digital infrastructure nationwide.
DICT launches 'Telecom Tower Watch' to accelerate digital infra rollout in PH
File photo: DICT logo

Telecom Tower Watch to monitor common tower initiative

The Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT) teamed up with consumer advocacy group CitizenWatch Philippines to launch the Telecom Tower Watch.

Unveiled during an online forum conducted by think tank Stratbase Albert del Rosario Institute (ADRi) on "Building Digital Infrastructure for a Digital Philippines," its president Dino Manhit said the initiative is targeted to accelerate the development of the digital network in the Philippines.

Manhit stressed the need for this to help the country recover from the onslaught of the pandemic.

DICT Undersecretary for Digital Philippines Emmanuel Caintic, meanwhile, admitted in the same briefing that the Philippines' digital infrastructure is "not enough" to address the strong demand for broadband connectivity.

The current digital infrastructure of the country is still not enough to realize an affordable and fast Internet connectivity. One of the major issues we have identified is the regulatory constraints that hinder telecommunications companies to further invest in infrastructure of the country, Caintic said.

The DICT official said the agency has committed to introducing an online portal where companies registered to deploy common towers would be monitored by all parties concerned.

Dominant telcos PLDT and Globe already sealed a deal with common tower builders. Third player DITO Telecommunity is also banking on this shared tower initiative to further boost its presence in the country.

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