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HarmonyOS by Huawei is projected to reach 300 million devices this 2021

The tech giant Huawei, has shared an update regarding the progress of its own OS and its goal of achieving 300 million devices for this year.

HarmonyOS to power devices up to 300 million?

The company has been developing its own operating system that will compete with the likes of Android and iOS. Today, Huawei shared that they have attracted a number of hardware vendors amounting to 20 and 280 software developing companies that will work on the emerging number of HarmonyOS powered devices.

The company even aims to reach 300 million devices that will be using HarmonyOS and 100 million of those to arrive with OS preinstalled out of the box. The president of Huawei's consumer business software, Wang Chenglu said that the OS is designed to unify a variety of devices, not just smartphones, and televisions. The OS is designed to be universal.

Huawei has already announced that a number of its smartphones will be suited for an upgrade to HarmonyOS, but has yet to provide a comprehensive release schedule.

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