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Apple announces "Lockdown Mode" to battle mercenary spyware attacks on its devices!

Apple announced a new security feature called the Lockdown Mode. It is designed to protect iPhone users against mercenary spyware attacks. Read on!
Apple announces "Lockdown Mode" to battle mercenary spyware attacks on its devices!
Apple Lockdown Mode adds another layer of protection

Apple "Lockdown Mode" activated!

It is designed to protect against mercenary spyware attacks
It is designed to protect against mercenary spyware attacks

The "Lockdown Mode" function, restricts certain of your device's features and builds a virtual barrier around its edge to thwart malicious intrusions. This ultimately toughens the security of your iOS devices' data.

According to the company, Lockdown Mode is the first sizable feature of its kind. It will be available for iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and macOS Ventura-powered devices sometime late this year. The USD 10 million cybersecurity fund that Apple launched in November is allocated to aid civil society organizations in researching and promoting policies to counter the threat presented by mercenary spyware.

Here are the features of Apple's Lockdown Mode:

1. Messaging - Other than photos, most message attachment types are restricted. On the iMessage app, several features like link previews are disabled.
2. Web Browsing - When using Lockdown Mode, some advanced web technologies, such as just-in-time (JIT) JavaScript compilation, are disabled unless the user excludes a reliable website.
3. Apple Services - Incoming invitations and service requests, such as FaceTime calls, are prohibited if the recipient hasn't called or made a request. When the iPhone is locked, wired connections to a computer or device are disabled.
4. Lockdown Mode prevents the installation of configuration profiles and the enrollment of the device in mobile device management (MDM).

Apple promises to further improve Lockdown Mode in the future. Additionally, Apple has added a new category to its Security Bounty program to reward researchers who discover ways to get around Lockdown Mode and help the company bolster its defenses. Bounties are doubled in Lockdown Mode, up to the highest possible amount in the sector of USD 2,000,000.

The NSO Group was singled out by Apple in its announcement on Wednesday. The murder of Jamal Khashoggi and other hacking-related incidents throughout the globe have been connected to the Israeli spy firm. Apple asserts that Lockdown defends against spyware produced by the NSO Group and other state-sponsored mercenary groups. Additionally, the company started a funding program for spyware researchers.

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