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AnTuTu lists fastest charging smartphones

Most people are always glued to their phone screens. Nothing will stop them—even if it’s charging their device.
iQOO 10 Pro

iQOO 10 Pro was named the fastest charging smartphone

While charging a smartphone can be bothersome for a few, manufacturers have found a way to solve this by developing "fast charging" phones.

While many claims to be "fast charging," which is really the fastest? Well, benchmarking app AnTuTu already knows that.

AnTuTu ranked smartphones based on how fast they went from 5 to 100m percent. All models used supports fast charging of 120 watts and above.
The list of the fastest charging phones
The list of the fastest charging phones

Rising to the top was iQOO 10 Pro, the first model to introduce the 200W ultra-fast charging technology. Based on the AnTuTu test, this device took only 9 minutes and 48 seconds to reach 100 percent

It is also the only smartphone that is fully charged in under 10 minutes.

Devices in second to the fourth place were just a few seconds behind each other. iQOO 9 Pro came second with 14 minutes and 51 seconds, followed by Black Shark 5 with 14 minutes 53 seconds, and in 7 with 14 minutes 55 seconds.

Landing fifth was Red Magic 7S Pro which was completely charged after 15 minutes 28 seconds.

Completing the top 10 list were:

Red Magic 7 Pro Transparent Edition (16 minutes 47 seconds)
realme GT Neo3 (16 minutes 56 seconds)
Nubia Z30 Pro(17 minutes 41 seconds)
Red Magic 7 Transparent Edition (18 minutes 26 seconds)
Xiaomi 12S Pro (19 minutes 47 seconds)

The majority of these devices may still take quite a few minutes to charge, but they sure are still fast. The question now is…

Will you be changing your smartphone with anything on the list?

Source: AnTuTu

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